Bad Photography? We Have a Software Fix!

I'm not going to start this essay with, "Not to be judgmental," because that's exactly what I'm going to be--I'm judging work I saw based on its photographic merit in my opinion. This is certainly an opinion piece. I was at an art show yesterday and there were some photographic displays, and one in particular... Continue Reading →

Film: A Choice To Avoid an “AI-Too” Moment

Film camera sales are up. Everything from battered old Nikons to brand new Leicas. It's no secret clients want strong photos that don't look like every other photographer's work. They desire something a bit different. Most importantly right now, they want something they can be sure is authentic. They don't want to put their name... Continue Reading →

Why You Need a Lede

I was doing a photo shoot and layout for MaryLee Herrmann's theater performance of Schmaltzy and Princie: Diary or a Not-So-Great Daddy's Girl, and as I was building it, I remembered my newspaper days and thought, "I have to have a lede photo," one photo that's larger than the others that can anchor the whole... Continue Reading →

“I Know Exactly What You Need.”

When the Boulder County Film Commission wanted photographs of its Creative Industry Night event this week, the film commissioner brought me in and when I arrived, he said, "Do we need to discuss what photos to get?" To which I said, "I know exactly what you want, what to do, what to photograph." He smiled... Continue Reading →

Lovely to See Lovely Humans Loving Each Other

I always photograph little moments of joy when I can. Humans connected, people needing one another. I was at a conference once a few years ago where these kids were dancing, which I found quite wonderful, and made a point to photograph them. Completely enjoying each others' company, dancing up a storm. Friends loving each... Continue Reading →

Give Me H.I Over A.I.

It seems you can't turn on a news program or read a newspaper without getting another story about A.I. How it's the greatest thing, the best thing, the smartest thing, the worst thing, the most dangerous thing, and every other variation. I'm all for technological improvements but it seems we as a society don't know... Continue Reading →

Photographing The Beatles

Linda McCartney looked pretty stealth working in those Beatles Get Back sessions that were shown on Apple TV last year, wielding her Nikon probably loaded with Kodak Tri-X film. The beauty of black and white for documentary photographs--that's something that only can be done with a camera using film. Sure, today you could shoot on... Continue Reading →

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