Loving Film

Untitled-4What is it about 6×6 film portraits that make me like them more than any other type of portrait?  I shoot with a Rolleiflex and a Bronica SQ-A and it’s pure joy to work with film and create legacy images.

My name is Kenneth Wajda, and I’m a professional photographer in Lyons, Colorado.  Been shooting for a living my whole life, and just turned 50 this year.  I was a news photojournalist at a New Jersey daily newspaper from 1987-2001.  Now I shoot portraiture in Colorado and wherever the work takes me.

I am going to use this blog to be the definitive dialogue on all things 6×6 film!  If you love your Hasselblad or your Yashica Mat or even a Holga, this is the blog that will speak to you.  Because we know the language here.  And it’s name is film!  Sized 6×6!

I’d love to get your input on what you’re shooting too.

I shoot a lot of street photography–I use digital too, for this–and some portraits on film in the street, too.  I’ll share them with you in posts to come.

Thanks for visiting and I hope if you like what you see, you’ll visit again.


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  1. Although I have Nikon 800, D3 and Leica M9, MM (so fairly committed to digital) I am loving my Mamiya 6 and Hassy 500 CM more and more and its good to see more people using 6×6. Recently I have started to process myself, Acros and Tri X in Diafine and cant say enough how excited I am with the results. The classic lenses have a roundness to the tonality that modern glass just doesnt have. Yes it does look like film and that aesthetic is the key to its success. Photographs capture more than the objects in view, they create a story and when told through film it is enchanting.


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