Victor and Reinhold For Inspiration

Posted: August 27, 2014 in 6x6, black and white, film, hasselblad, photo, photographs, photography, portraits, portraiture, rolleiflex
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10635715_353070061511327_7101815245125633271_n 10614109_353073384844328_8281921563532218903_nVictor Hasselblad and Reinhold Heidecke in Sweden, 1955.  I am a big fan of these two, for working so hard to make such beautiful, even artistic pieces of machinery.  Their cameras still inspire to this day.

While I’ve never shot a Hassy, I suspect I will one day.  I have quite the love affair with my Rolleiflex, for the camera is so small and still manages to create such large negatives.

There’s something about good build quality that makes me enjoy the process of shooting film in these cameras.  I was making a portrait of a friend, shooting at 1/500 and he said he didn’t think it fired.  It did, it’s just virtually silent. 

Apple products, Mercedes and BMW cars, they all have that thing that says, “quality”, when you feel them.  That’s where the inspiration comes from for me.  Leica does it too (And I shoot 35mm too, and will include some Leica shots in here at times, too.)

But these two help me realize we should all strive to stick to our dreams and see them to fruition.  Like these two amazing men did!

  1. kilted1 says:

    Start saving they’re lot of fun to use.


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