Portrait of a Father

When some people go to the hospital to visit a family member, they bring their phone and snap a few pics.  When I go, I use the daylight window light and create a portrait.  And use my Rolleiflex. mldad2014

This was shot with a Rolleiflex 3.5E with a Xenotar lens.  I enjoy composing with two eyes on the “photo” on the large focusing screen, instead of in a viewfinder through a tunnel to one eye.  Have you had this same experience?  There is something about looking it with both eyes that lets me see the finished work as if it’s a small contact print.  I don’t find that I get the same feeling with a digital camera’s viewing screen.  But with the Rollei–maybe because it’s analog–it takes on the feeling of the finished photograph.

I think people find looking into this old box camera not too intimidating.  It’s slow, it’s quiet, it’s kinda nice to look at!

I wonder what would be the result if you compared the portraits from the Rolleiflex to say a Canon 5DmkII, and not just the film look, but whether the expressions would be significantly different with the Rollei?  Is there a warmth and relaxation present that you don’t get with the large Cannon aimed at you?  Your thoughts?

Ah, musings on a summer day!


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