Stopping, Storing and Savoring Time With Photographs

bridge-print-photoA simple walk on a sunny morning.  Shot this with my Rolleiflex after I just got it, to test it out. It’s the bridge over the South St. Vrain River in Lyons, Colorado, from a neighborhood (that got destroyed) into Bohn Park.  Now it’s gone, as is the park, too, because our town suffered a flood a year ago, and this bridge no longer spans the river.

The power of photography is not just to capture a memory, but to preserve things, people, places that we assume will always be around, but in fact, may soon no longer exist.  This bridge and this tranquil scene we would’ve expected would last forever.  But alas, that wasn’t to be.

When I first moved to this town, I took photos of the buildings and neighborhoods.  That was in 2006.  This year I posted them and many of the images brought back so many memories for so many people.  They weren’t great photographs–the impact was from seeing what no longer was.  In eight years, businesses had closed, things had changed, changes we might not have realized except we could look into the past, via the photographs, and there it was, to see what we were missing.

So, capture the ordinary, the everyday.  Because it slowly changes.  Sometimes almost imperceptibly, but with the element of time, looking back, those photographs become a time capsule to travel back and revisit those days once more.

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