A Camera In Your Bag Isn’t Accessible Enough

I went to an auction last night and I thought about how I always carry a camera with me everywhere I go.  Actually at least one film camera (Leica M3 and/or Rolleiflex 3.5F) and a Fuji X100.  Tucked neatly in a Domke F-804 Reporter bag or Billingham Hadley Small bag.  And I go lots of places but I find I rarely open up the bag and shoot.  Because it takes an effort to pull the camera out and that draws a lot of attention to it.

So, last night, I just put the Fuji X100 (yes, I went digital) around my neck.  I always have it on silent mode and from my street shooting experience, I know how to shoot with it at mid-chest level, instead of needing to lift it to my eye.  It made all the difference in the world having it there, not in my bag.  Because I can’t shoot with it in the bag.  And I don’t.

wp3I am going to make a point of wearing it around my neck–not even my shoulder is good enough, because it’s still not in a place I can shoot.  And I’m going to see how much more I photograph as a result of its immediate accessibility.

These photos came from that experience last night, shot from the chest.

The one of the two girls playing a clapping game I even asked if I could photograph them, which didn’t seem like a big deal since my camera was already out.

Camera around your neck.  Not your shoulder.  Not your bag.  Not your car.  Notes to self!




wp4 wp9

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