Lovely Patina

The cap is long gone. The case cover–no idea!

Just like I don’t buy Leica cameras to put them on a display shelf, I also don’t purposefully beat them up.  But I do strive to carry them uncased, take them everywhere, and use them, even to the point of perhaps someday, used up.  I think film cameras are beautiful in all stages of their lives, and if anything, least so when brand-new looking.  Why?  Because that says to me a camera that isn’t being used.

I am a firm believer that all items are replaceable, and while no need to bang them up and be hard on them, they don’t need to be babied.  Leicas went to war, they can handle a sprinkle on the way to the car.  Or a bump against the doorway.

So, use them well, use them a lot, and use them up.  Carry them everywhere, set them down anywhere.  Don’t worry about them.  They are not showpieces.  They are tools for the job.  The job of making photographs, saving memories, documenting history.  Our history.  Today.

A lovely patina is a mark of a cherished tool.  Use it today!

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