Bargain Hunters at the Flea Market

Yesterday was 50 degrees and sunny in Denver. A good day to walk around the Mile High Flea Market. The place is huge, and because of the great weather, it was packed with shoppers.

I went there for two reasons, to shop for bargains myself, and to document it in photographs. It’s very photogenic, and the longer I stayed, the more I saw. And I picked up a Crumpler shoulder bag for $5, and an old Canon EF body with a 50mm f1.4 for $10.

For this kind of street shooting, it helps to have a big crowd, and I walked with a simple Fuji X100 on a strap around my neck, looking like a visiting tourist to Denver.

It’s so true that one of the things that you need to make great photographs is to be there. And I’m glad I went and got to make these images.

The Bargain Hunters:










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