Your Camera’s Good Enough – Is Your Story?

Unless you’re using your phone camera in poor light, so that the image is blurry and grainy, your camera in most situations is good enough.  I’m not a proponent of using a phone camera only.  I carry a Rolleiflex 3.5F, Leica M6, M8 or Fuji X100 all the time.  Sometimes all at once.

But our camera gear is not in the way of our making great photos.  Our sleeping in on vacations (missed that golden sunrise), that shooting ordinary, uninspired scenes (and not editing them out), those are the cause of bad photos.  Because the camera is just a tool to record the moment.  And that moment, that subject, is way more important than how the well the sensor records light and micro-contrast.

I find that kind of chart-photography, pixel-peeping the bane of people who want to be photographers, but are stuck on the tech and not finding the image.  It’s out there.  You have to work to get it.  You have to go on walks.  You have to take it everywhere.  Moments will show up when you least expect them.  Have a camera with you.  Not in your bag.  Not on your shoulder.  Around your neck and turned on.

Because the moment is what the viewer is seeing, not the camera brand or megapixel count of the shot.  The emotional response is what will get the viewer every time.  Not the technical aspects.

Just like no one cared what typewriter Hemingway wrote on.  It’s just the story that counts.  Go find your story.


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