Finding Portrait Locations

When I was a news photographer, I remember getting a business or personality photo assignment the day before the shoot, and thinking all night about how I could make the photograph.  Would I use studio flash or natural light?  What were my location options?

Then, I’d arrive at the shoot, and all the thoughts I had were useless as the real world situation showed the actual possibilities and I would use what was in front of me to decide where and how to shoot the portrait.

I was just on a portrait shoot in Denver, and the same thing happened.  I knew we were going to be at Union Station, and it would offer some opportunities, but I would have to think in the moment and find suitable locations as we moved through the city.  That’s easy for me, because I look for the light.

“We don’t photograph a face.  We photograph the light on a face.”

So, we walked and I watched and the locations proved spectacular for this shoot.  The subject was amazing.  Great light plus a strong subject equals beautiful photographs.  (That’s a mathematical/photographic equation.)



I couldn’t ask for more.  We worked about 90 minutes, and it’s truly a situation of the more you look, the more you see.  (Since the light is changing rapidly at sunset.)

Seniors in Boulder and Denver, they’ve got a lot of great locations for amazing portraits. They just need a photographer who sees the light to create the portrait.

Because cameras don’t make photographs, photographers and light do!

Near to Denver or Boulder?  Call me to schedule a session: 720.982.9237

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