Mr. Cowboy and the Wonder of Old Snapshots

It’s a wonder to me that anyone would discard or sell their family photographs, but it happens time and again.

I was at a local estate sale yesterday and saw a tackle box full of slide film from the 1970s in boxes and couldn’t help but want to have them for my snapshot collection. You never know what you’ll find in there.

This first photo is of Mr. Cowboy, Bob Lilly, a star Dallas Cowboy and NFL Hall of Famer posing for a snapshot in front of a Toyota dealer. That’s a wonderful surprise, and I found out Bob is 80 and I sent him an email with the photo. What a treat to be able to go back in time to them and share it with him.

Bob Lilly, “Mr Cowboy” and NFL Hall of Famer.

There are others. Like these.

Perhaps another of Bob? It looks like Boulder, but might be Texas.
A family photo.
Couple in 1973.
New bride.
Kids on the floor. (I’m sure we had that same carpeting.)
Air show.
A man riding a steer.
The Ben Franklin store.
Canned food sale.
Playing cards and Pepsi.
In his bunk.
Honolulu Airport.
Honolulu, Hawaii.
Big hair and suits and boutonnieres.

Old snapshots transport. They are time travel to a different era, and they preserve our history.

I collect them because they offer so many clues to other ways of creating style and doing things. I like being able to see the way we were.

I need to find my Dad’s slides–he photographed on Kodachrome back in the 1950s with his Kodak Retina IIIc, which is the first camera I learned on, and I worked to figure out what all those confusing numbers meant!

Someday, in a box. Not for sale at any price!

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