We’re Bored Because We’re Boring

As Americans, we were taught from an early age that the great American dream is to get more and keep getting. Buying is the thing that makes us happiest.
Shopping became a pastime. Something we were encouraged to do. A lot.
Then the pandemic shut the stores. The economy was all atwitter. “What do we do?”
We grew up, we graduated and then went to work. Whether we enjoyed our work was immaterial. Just so long as we made plenty of money. Work hard. Long hours. Come home bored, tired and exhausted. Who cares, look at your bank statement!
You could shop for something to make you feel better! “Maybe get yourself a new car–you deserve it with how hard you work!”
Sports was the great filler of all other free time. Go to the bar, watch sports, drink and eat, all is good! Every weekend is filled–they had that nicely planned out.
Coffee in the morning to wake you up, and alcohol at night to shut you down!
Then the pandemic shut the coffeeshops and bars.
And even the sports! “What the hell?!?”
We were left without shopping. Without sports. Without the bars.
What the hell was left? We had to stay home with OURSELVES? Our families, and DO THINGS? Like what?
Read? “We’re Americans, we don’t read. Uh, like read what, the internet? Guess I could check my email.”

Create art, write a story, make something? “Huh??? No idea what you’re talking about.”
Exercise, take walks, get outside. “Ok, done that. Took a walk around the block. Lame!”
Guess it’s Netflix–TV, the great standby.
The pandemic has forced Americans to stay at home with themselves and WE DON’T LIKE BEING THERE. With ourselves.
Alone. Nothing to fill the time. Just us and other “people”.
We’re bored because we’re boring.
So, we fight to go back to the way it was. OPEN THE ECONOMY. START UP THE SPORTS. POUR ME A PITCHER OF BOOZE!
We want to live! Anywhere away from ourselves.
This is no fun!

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