David Burnett Wishes He Had Photos With His Friends

The legendary Time Magazine photojournalist David Burnett said in a recent interview that he wishes he had photos of himself with friends just hanging out when they were young. Photos that he could go back to, but unfortunately they don’t exist. He didn’t take any and neither did anyone else. (Do you have such photos?)

This from a photographer who’s photographed world leaders and has photographed around the world, it’s those photos of the ordinary day, the being together with people in our lives that we never think to photograph, that’s what he’s missing. Not the big moments, but the little ones.

It’s tough growing up–a young friend just lost his friend to suicide. We need to fit in and feel connected. These kids’ photos that I made for a documentary project make me think they’d want to have these to look back on, so they will–I’m printing them for them.

Make photos today of things that are today because today changes to tomorrow and moments like these are lost forever to only memories and photographs if we have them.

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