The Tech Beat Generation

I coined the “Tech Beat Generation after searching for a name for the kind of person I am—interested in using tech to create work like photographs, stories and recordings, both audio and video, but tired of being constantly in front of a screen and having a device in my pocket that won’t stop vying for my attention. It’s not that I’m not tech-savvy, rather tech has made me beat, exhausted.

From Brittanica: Beat Generation–its adherents, self-styled as “beat” (originally meaning “weary,” but later also connoting a musical sense) expressed their alienation from conventional, or “square,” society by adopting a style of dress, manners, and “hip” vocabulary borrowed from jazz musicians. They advocated personal release, purification, and illumination through the heightened sensory awareness that might be induced by drugs, jazz, and sex.The Beats and their advocates found the joylessness and purposelessness of modern society sufficient justification for both withdrawal and protest.

So, I’ve limited my computer use to actual client and photo editing work, I’m only checking email twice a day (9am and 4pm MT), and I’ve left all social media.

I’m reading more books, taking more walks and generally enjoying living in a world circa 1989, the year before the world wide web and the internet changed us into an ultra-connected and device-dependent and less personally-connected culture.

CAMERAS: Making photographs and printing them.
CAMERAS: Making photographs and printing them.


  • Film photography, framed photos and photo albums
  • Darkroom hand-printed photographs
  • Digital photography for blogs and projects plus commercial use
  • Typewriters for writing stories and notes
  • Hand-written letters and cards
  • Turntables and vinyl records
  • Healthy eating and cooking at home
  • Using phone as a telephone only
  • Dining out and social gatherings
  • Human interaction and conversation
  • Outdoor exercise—biking, walking, sports, nature
  • Newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  • Radio and podcasts
  • TV shows and movies at home
  • Movies in theaters
  • Playing live music
  • Writing and performing live comedy
  • Doing puzzles
  • Playing board games
  • Reading books
  • Shopping at owner-operated stores like camera shops, bookstores and record stores
  • Vintage goods from thrift and antique stores
TYPEWRITERS: Writing stories and letters.
TYPEWRITERS: Writing stories and letters.


  • Computer use
  • Tablet use to just news and blogs
  • Computer permitted to create: Write blog posts, record podcasts and upload YouTube channel videos
  • Desktop permitted to edit digital photographs and do client work
  • Email accessibility – checking email at 9am and 4pm MT daily
  • Computer interactions in favor of actual inperson get-togethers
  • Online shopping
  • Unscheduled workdays at the computer
SOCIAL MEDIA: Getting off these platforms.
SOCIAL MEDIA: Getting off these platforms.


  • Social media engagement: Twitter
  • Social media engagement: Facebook
  • Social media engagement: Instagram
  • Social media engagement: LinkedIn
  • Texting (except family)
  • Full-time connectivity and availability

If you want to reach me, give me a call: 720.982.9237—I may not get your email for several hours. If you want to join the Tech Beat Generation, welcome! Spread the word but there’s nowhere to signup, nothing to follow or like. Just turn off your computer, set your phone down, pick up a book or go outside and play. You’re now officially part of the Tech Beat Generation.

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