Finding The Joy, The Creativity That Stops Time

I had a photo shoot this week for Yellow Scene Magazine, a local Boulder news and feature magazine, and was sent to an artist collective that opened to support empowerment and creativity, and to photograph its two owners, Jessica and Jessie. It was very creative. When I began, I immediately had an idea for a photo that would not be what you’d first expect–I asked them to sit on the floor. The photograph makes a great lead photo for the story.

I met them at their studio at 10:45 a.m., I was running early for an 11:00 a.m. photo assignment. I expected the shoot would go for maybe a half-hour. It went for 90 minutes and during that time, time stopped. I had no concept of time. None. It flew by like in seconds. That’s where you want to be as a creative, letting the muse work her magic and creating with no concern for anything outside of the art. No hard deadline on your time. Nowhere to be but present. Right here right now.

It will be a great feature story in the magazine, and whenever I photograph people for feature stories, I know I’m doing what I was made to do. What makes me most alive. It’s my art.

The trick to great photography is being a great editor. As I look through the shoot’s photographs, I always look for one that stands out with a little extra something. The one of the two laughing above, that one has that extra something. It was a real moment made after I asked them to glance at each other (photo #1 below), which I know always gets a laugh.

What makes you creatively excited, so much so that time stops? That’s where you want to spend as much time as possible. That’s life’s bonus time, where we really live, like we’re connected to the universe and all its energy for that short time.

Here are the photos that the creative director received. All worked for a wonderful story which will publish soon. (Click the gallery thumbs for the actual gallery. Of course they look best on a large monitor!)

That’s the art of photography right there. The magic of creativity. What does it for you?

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