How I Can Afford to Make The Wise Photo Project

I photographed Margaret, a lovely 98-year-old woman last week in my studio and will gift her a framed 12×12 portrait this week. How am I able to gift photo shoots and framed portraits at no cost to seniors in The Wise Photo Project?

Easy, through commissioned portraits–when people commission a portrait, they know that the funds will be used partly to pay for these legacy portraits of seniors that would otherwise never exist.

FOR 70+
I invite and welcome you, if you are 70 or older, to come to my Boulder County Colorado studio for a formal portrait that will be made on real film, printed and framed and gifted to you.

I invite those under 70 to commission a portrait of someone dear to you. It’s a gift that will last truly for generations. Thank you.

I also receive some generous donations toward the costs of film, processing and frames for the project. If you would like to offer support with a donation in any amount, that is most welcome and you can find a page with links at

This portrait is from a previous week’s shoot, a test digital photo (kind of like a Polaroid in days of old). Only the film portrait is printed and framed, and is never posted online.

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