To Be The Best Photographer in The World

What’s your goal? How far do you want to take this thing, photography? What’s the limit as you perceive it as applying to you and your work?

For me, it’s not a hobby but my life’s work. There’s no limit as I see it–it’s simple, my goal is to be the best photographer in the world. Is that too much to want?

Keith Richards once said that he and Mick Jagger had the goal to be the best blues band in London, and ended up being the best rock and roll band in the world. I can relate–I want to be the best photographer in Denver now, then take it further by showing work in galleries and museums around the regional states, the country and then the world while being an educator to other photographers.

I want to participate in photography festivals, work as a mentor and influence photographers around the world while learning from others along the way. I want to make photographs every day and surround myself with the photographic community. I want to live photography.

I do live photography.

I want to inspire other photographers that they can do anything they set out to do, I’m a big fan of encouraging and championing others, that letting other artists know there are no limits to what they can do if they believe there are no limits.

My dream is to take The Wise Photo Project around the world so it’s not just my project, but one that photographers the world over are working and contributing to, so that a young girl in the year 2138, whether in Asia, America, Africa or anywhere else on the planet, knows the smile of her great-great-great-grandmother.

A 4×5 portrait with a Graflex RB Super D.

In a way, that would be ultimately changing the world, for those future generations would have wonderful portraits of their loved ones, portraits of sweet faces from around the world that will exist because I will have spread a simple good idea.

What’s your goal? Set it high and make it happen. You absolutely can! I hope I can help you along the way, too. My door is always open for comments and questions. I welcome all correspondence.

My day starts and ends with photography, and for that I’m thankful.

By saying I want to be the best, I am telling the universe that I am ready to embrace that role, that it’s really what I want. Not for money or fame (though I would like to be known by my peers in the photography world) but for making the work that matters and bringing it to the world stage, and making a difference as an artist with a camera, inspiring others and making a difference in the world with my art.

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