Just Imagine What I Could Do With A…

Nikon F2! Such a machine!

Leica M6! Ohmigod, fine German engineering!

Olympus OM3! No batteries needed!

Pentax MX! Look at that huge viewfinder!

Nikon F! The legend, it went to war!

Canon F-1! Built like a tank!

Leica R6.2! All Leica goodness!

Contax T3! Small wonder, Zeiss lens!

Leica IIIf! The ultimate photographic jewel!

You know what I can do with one of these? Exactly the same as I can do with any of the others, because it’s ME that makes the photo, not the camera.

I often see photographers online writing that they can make better photos if only they had different cameras and I don’t believe that to be true.

Yes, if you want to shoot birds or sports, you can’t carry a 28mm on a Leica M4.

And yes, if you want to shoot street documentary photographs, better not show up with a 400mm on a Nikon F5.

Right tool for the job and all that. The fact is, whatever you make with whatever you have now is what you will make with whatever you get next.

The gear doesn’t make the photograph. We do. The way we always have and will continue to.

We make the photograph.

Not the camera!

Get whatever you want. Keep shooting.

It’ll be more of the same.

The camera doesn’t bring with it a style.

We do!

Make photographs, not excuses.

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6 thoughts on “Just Imagine What I Could Do With A…

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  1. So very true. I pursued film photography to get back to my old cameras and away from all the craze of wanting every new DSLR model. But even in film gear, it was just as easy to get lost searching for the “perfect” camera.

    You hit the mark beginning with my beloved Nikon F2 I finally found. Ouch. Impressive as it is… after a few rolls to test out my new gem of engineering, it just didn’t get the use I was sure this mechanical marvel would inspire me to create.

    “Make photographs, not excuses”


  2. I enjoy the experience of a new-to-me old camera, and sometimes I get one of my cameras down off the shelf just to enjoy using it. But I’m sure I’d be a better photographer if I whittled the herd down to just 2-3 cameras and used them always.


    1. You have a different approach, Jim. You enjoy the experience of the different cameras, not looking for some magic box that’s going to be the answer to all your photographic wishes. I enjoy your pursuits.


  3. Nice article Kenneth! It’s a point I’ve tried to make with others before. I have something like 160 cameras ranging from early boxes to some of the finest film cameras made and figured out a long time ago that in the end, they are all (hopefully) light tight boxes with lenses attached. We decide whats going to come out of each. Like Jim though, I get a kick out of experiencing the different cameras and the different designs each has. I agree with Jim too in that I know I’d be a better photographer if I just picked one, like years ago, when quite frankly I was a better photographer. But some of these things are just so cool, I cant stop playing around with them!


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