The Long Road, May It Lead to a Great View!

No matter what road you’re on…

…may it lead to a picture-perfect view at the end.

Here’s a wish for a safe, healthy, prosperous and adventurous 2021 for all of you who are part of my readership. Thank you for coming to my ‘theater’ and watching my ‘show’.

I am grateful to have a voice as a working photographer that can reach people around the world, post about subjects that are important to me, and hopefully inspire others to make great art.

We need your art, really, the world needs it–no one else can make what you can make, no one else has your vision. So make great art the way you see the world.

To 2021: Cheers!

Want to support my shows? You can, just visit this link at Paypal, or go to to add your monthly contribution to keep the lights on!

Check out my YouTube Channel of Photography Talks: my 6×6 Portraits Blog (you’re here) and my Daily Photography Podcast. Thanks!

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