When Tack Sharp Isn’t Best

I love a sharp negative and photographic print as much as the next guy. I strive for proper focus. Who doesn’t?

But there are times when it’s not about the tack sharp focus, but about the moment. When the shutter can’t quite still what’s happening, but it still captures it. Like these two photos of my friend and my partner having a dance and a laugh at a Christmas week dinner party. I was shooting a Nikon F100 with Ilford HP5+, 50mm f1.4, probably at 1/60 wide open, and didn’t have a chance to make a sharp photograph.

So glad I didn’t. Because instead, I got this. Wonderful emotional moments on film.

Some of the best photographs are not about technical quality, but emotional factors. The feeling of the images matter. These are two of my favorite photographs from last year because of the photographs’ energy.

Just a couple of women doing the bump and sharing a laugh. It doesn’t get any more real than that!

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4 thoughts on “When Tack Sharp Isn’t Best

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  1. I can also appreciate the beauty invoked by an out of focus shot, Kenneth. Thanks for sharing here. Have you made any video montages of your work? I’d be really excited to offer pro-bono services on select projects, if you’d like to try it some time.


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