Here’s To (the Gift of) Good Light

I received an email from the Chimera company the other day, a photo and video lighting company which is based here in Boulder, and they said they read had my story in the local paper about The Wise Photo Project (which you can join and I hope you do), and they wrote they would be glad to support the project with a product donation.

Wow, I thought! I love Chimera products. I’ve used their softboxes for years.

That’s a huge gift. I met the next day with John at the plant in Erie Colorado, just outside the city limits in Boulder County. I told him I’m shooting in a daylight studio these days (due to Covid–I have a small sunporch I use for a home studio) and I could use a Chimera light to create catchlights in the eyes, but there’s no room for a large softbox in the 6’x8′ space in which I’m working. He showed me a light he thought might be good. It’s this one. A wonderfully-designed light that’s quick and easy to set up and light, and makes for a wonderful catchlight–that light in the eye of the subject.

Just an act of goodwill. A hand reaching out to the community. One lighting company to one photographer. That’s a super company right there. If you’re ever in the market for a lighting or softboxes or modifiers, take a look and support them. They’re one of the good guys out there who put photography first and besides making great products, really want to work with photographers.

These are the Chimera softboxes I’ve owned and used for years and I can truly say they are the best in the industry. This is from a photo shoot for The Wise Photo Project in 2018 where I set up at the Longmont Senior Center and photographed eighty seniors and gifted them portraits.

I say big thanks to them! Looking forward to creating a catchlight in those sweet old eyes.

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