A Little Art from My World

A lot of photographers have been struggling to find things to photograph in this pandemic-laden world, but I’ve been keeping busy with a lot of photos for my Roy Stryker photo project, now over five years old and publishing three times a week.

The need for creating photos makes the photographic opportunities happen. The muse exists but she has to find you working.

So, here are a couple of photos from this week. The first one is from a walk I do almost daily on the local golf course. It’s very revelatory to me what attracts our eye and what we choose to shoot–our photography is essentially self-portraiture. “This is what I saw and what I like and chose to make.” These photos say more about me than their subjects, all our photos do.

A tree shadow taking the stage, showing off among the trees.
A pear on our kitchen counter – my partner MaryLee set it out to slice, and it was catching north-facing window light.

Very simple photographs. The pear I will print and frame for the kitchen. The tree would look good in a small square frame in the bathroom. Black and white photographs have a strong presence in our home.

I usually find all my frames at thrift stores and yard sales, there is no shortage of frames if you are willing to wait a few sales to find one, and often cost a dollar or less.

Art is what we make with what we have nearby. It’s what we do. And for me, art has to be something I can frame and hang on the wall. I’m glad a photograph is not electricity-dependent like video or computer photos. I like that it can be viewed in as grand a place as a gallery and museum wall or the simple wall of my kitchen or bath.

That’s what the muse brought me this week when she found me working.

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