The Rolleiflexers Collective

I am working on building Rolleiflexers, a Photography Collective of documentary street life Rolleiflex photographers and would be interested in hearing if this is something you make–street documentary photographs with a Rolleiflex–and would be interested in joining. Becoming a collective photographer is by invitation only and the work is curated. I am considering about ten photographers in the collective to start.

I am looking for photographers who document real people in an interesting way with the Rolleiflex, not the typical “street photography look” I see everywhere today. The collective’s goal is to push each and every one of us to make better photographs, present only our strongest work. If you want to see what my focus and direction for the collective is, it’s imperative you read this post: I Love Street Photography, I Hate Street Photography Now

Your body of work doesn’t have to have a person in every photograph, but it should lean toward mostly photos of people engaged in their lives in some way. Unposed street scenes or personality portraits. The photographs have to be your best. Graphically well composed. Strong storytelling. Tightly edited. And of course made with a Rolleiflex. Preferably square, though cropping is allowed.

My goal is to make this a collective of photographers of the highest quality who will inspire other photographers with the quality of the work that we do with this beautiful camera.

While I want to be inclusive, I believe there’s a need for strong curation so that the ten photographers really fit the collective’s mission/style. It is imperative to making a successful collective.

I’m interested in receiving a bio and a link to work from photographers with a current body of work (20 photographs minimum of your best Rolleiflex photographs), BW or color, and who add to it regularly. Consistently producing strong work is the key. And tightly-edited work, not just anything made with the Rolleiflex. I seek excellence.

Please contact me with a link to your work, a bit about yourself as a photographer and interest in the project, and I will aim to make a decision for the photographers included in the initial launch in perhaps about 4 weeks.

Send submissions for consideration to Thank you.

Note: © All images displayed in the collective’s gallery are copyrighted by the photographer who created them and may not be reproduced without their express written consent.

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