The Wise Photo Project Expands

Big news. I’ve had several people contact me about creating portraits for The Wise Photo Project now that I’ve announced I’ve opened it up to photographers everywhere. And today I see that just that has happened. There were two photographs made and posted on our Facebook group page by photographer Mark Smith working in Aurora Colorado, near Denver. How cool!

My goal has always been for this project to be not just about the portraits that I make, but to inspire more photographers to also make portraits of seniors. Can you imagine if this project took off and we had portraits being made around the world by photographers?

We would change the world.

So, Mark has been talking about getting the word out to seniors local to him and putting notices up on Facebook with details.

This is the promo piece at left.

And today these two photographs below are a pair that Mark made, beautiful portraits that will be gifted to them and last in their families for generations to come.

I am so happy to see the project taking off, so I made a point to post about it as soon as I saw the photos.

Beautiful work, Mark!

Miss Lillye
The newlyweds! Him, 93. Her, 91. Married a year and a half.
There may be snow on the mountain, but there’s a fire in the hearth.

We need more photographers and you can join us. See the info at The Wise Photo Project web site and get your camera ready. Together we’re changing the world of these families one portrait at a time.

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