BTS (Behind The Scenes) Photos

Do you enjoy seeing the behind the scenes pictures from a photo shoot?

I was out on a photowalk with my friend Paul, I was using my Rolleiflex and he was shooting his Nikon F 35mm camera. I had black and white Ilford HP5 loaded, and he was shooting Kodak color film.

My goal was to photograph people and things that caught my eye, that drew me to make a photograph, and not to shoot anything that didn’t call me.

These two shots are related. This was in an art gallery with a piano peeking out from behind a far wall. I wanted it partially obscured, as if it were tentatively looking out for a player.

Photograph by Paul Trantow

The second pair is of a man who said “Cool camera,” or something to that effect as we were walking past, so I asked to make his portrait with it.

Photograph by Paul Trantow

Behind the scenes pictures tell a lot about the making of a photograph. What was the scene really like? Was it quite empty like the piano photograph, or was it busy with other people like the portrait?

I enjoy seeing the pairs together, catching a glimpse from the outside what I look like when I’m working. I don’t have many photographs like that.

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