When The Trend Is In Your Favor

I’ve been a photojournalist my whole photography career, starting as a staff photographer at a daily newspaper in New Jersey, The Times of Trenton, and have been working editorial assignments ever since. It’s my favorite type of work, creating storytelling photographs for publication.

So, to have inquiries from people about having photojournalist-style photographs made of their growing families, I thought, “Well, I don’t work in a photojournalist-style, but as a photojournalist,” which is where I am most comfortable, creating photographs that get published in home photo books and albums instead of the local newspaper or magazine. (Those books have more lasting value as well!)

I’ve heard it’s similar to the slow food movement, the interest in organic foods, and the return to things analog (cameras, typewriters, writing letters). It’s a trend that appreciates authenticity. To have something real. In a world of fake Photoshopped images and social media that showcases perfection in pictures, there’s a demand for truly real photographs. The choosing of a photojournalist’s eye to document a family at home or on local outings.

That’s refreshing to hear that there’s a push for something authentic.

There’s even interest in printed photo books and albums of the photographs, not only digital versions (though people certainly want online galleries as well.)

This is a trend I hope continues. It’s right up my alley, my style of documentary photography. I miss photo albums at friends’ houses. I’ve heard from folks that kids love looking through them when they go to their grandparents’ homes, it’s such a good time spent with their grandma or grandpa, sitting in their laps, looking through the pictures, asking who’s who, and seeing what they were doing, what they were wearing, and what their life was like.

Here are some of my documentary photographs, ones I am honored to have displayed in home galleries and photo albums throughout the U.S.

If you are in Colorado (or elsewhere with the ability to cover travel expenses) and would like to have me document your family, as your personal family photojournalist, I would be honored to create photographs that will exist in legacy albums for generations to come. Visit YourFamilyPhotojournalist.com to get to information about my sessions, and maybe I’ll get to photograph those wonderful smiles and laughs on the faces of your family, too.

Want to support my shows? You can, just visit this link at Paypal, or go to SupportKenneth.com to add your monthly contribution to keep the lights on!

Check out my YouTube Channel of Photography Talks: my 6×6 Portraits Blog (you’re here) and my Daily Photography Podcast. Thanks!

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