Radiating Youth with a 70-Year-Old Rolleiflex

I’ve always enjoyed photographing people’s stories, making street photos and portraits of people I meet of all ages. I have a project dedicated to creating legacy portraits of older faces, The Wise Photo Project, but that doesn’t mean that is the only age I photograph.

I recently was out with the Rolleiflex and a few groups of young people wound up in front of my camera, and after seeing the prints emerge in the darkroom tray, I thought, “This is what “radiating youth” looks like.”

A group of teens out playing soccer stopped and posed for my camera by Lake Mcintosh in Longmont, Colorado.
Jacob, a coffee barista and also a film photographer, posed for my Rolleiflex at Lost Coffee in Castle Rock, Colorado.

This last series of photos was when I went to Louisville, Colorado over the Memorial Day Weekend to check out their annual photography show, and found this scene behind my parked car calling to be documented.

Ah, youth. You’re only as old as you feel is what I always say, and age is just a number. The goal is to get up everyday and create a new wonderfully special day. Salvador Dali is said to have said, every day when he awoke, “Hurray, another day to be Dali!”

I share his enthusiasm for each day. Where will my work take me today? Or in my free time, who will I meet, photograph and create a new friendship with if only for a short while, long enough to gift them a portrait printed in my darkroom. Life is such a wonderful experience when you’re meeting new people, often aided by the camera–my Rolleilfex can photograph almost anyone, people are so enamored by the look of it that when I ask for a portrait, I rarely get a negative response.

It’s important to think young, to not consider age as a limiter. It’s not for these folks. And it’s not for me.

Every morning I say: “Another day to be Wajda!”

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