Project: Kids & Teens, Unsupervised

I’m working on a street documentary set of photographs about kids and teens and the way they behave primarily when they’re unsupervised by adults. I am interested in documenting youngsters and their body language as they grow up.

I am always working on a project (or six). This one, honestly, I wasn’t starting, it found me. The story came to me because I noticed I had collected several photos that speak to this theme. When you find you have a quantity of some kind of photo, it’s easy to continue to add more of that type of photograph to build out the collection.

There’s a certain body language that is uniquely teen. And also ten. And 5. I want to find youngsters of all ages and show them being confident and awkward, looking like we all looked like as teens and kids.

Being a street photographer, I find it easy to document people being themselves. And by being themselves, I mean feeling relaxed and self-aware, confident and with butterflies, too. I remember what it was like hanging out with friends, trying to be cool (of course I was) and other times just hoping to get through the evening.

Projects are what documentary photographers are drawn to. I know I can’t not document my world. And being in a place in my career where I can do it and able to find gallery space to exhibit my work. I consider myself quite a lucky photographer working today.

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