No Ads, No Sponsors (I’m Just Not Wooing Advertisers)

I just paid WordPress to upgrade my site to take off advertisements as I realized they were showing up inside the body of my posts, and they were distracting and annoying to me. And if I didn’t like them, you, my readers, shouldn’t have to put up with them. So, welcome to 6×6 Portraits ad-free!

I am also without sponsors on this site (and also my Photography YouTube channel, and my Daily Photography Podcast). My partner, MaryLee, says I will forever be without sponsors since I tout film cameras, buying used gear at discounts, and suggesting photographers use what they have and realizing they don’t even need to upgrade gear. Plus I insist on talking about photography instead of the new cameras and lenses available which everyone knows is what gets the views and pays the bills. She says we’ll never have a house with two bathrooms if I keep this up.

Well, I’m keeping it up. I can’t help it. I write what I believe and I do think we all have quite sufficient equipment, even too much of it. (Speaking for myself here, too!) How many different bodies and formats do we really need, do we really use? Henri Cartier-Bresson made due with one camera and one lens and did quite well for himself. So did Garry Winogrand, Robert Frank and most of the other photographic legends!

I believe in the power of the image to tell stories and I like to write about them and hopefully inspire other photographers to go out and make some of their own photographs, too. To make portraits of family members and print them so they’ll last for generations as family history.

And storytelling, it’s the reason to go out and make street photographs, to go roam without a direction. No telling what will turn up. Like finding this woman, who is a work of art herself, presenting her work at a local art walk.

At the First Friday Art Walk, Santa Fe Art District, Denver.

So, I am proudly ad-free, even if there are days I wish there were a bit of income as a result of my posts and my work. But my truth comes first, and I whole-heartedly believe in what I write, create videos and audio podcasts about, so advertisement and sponsor-free it will have to be.

We make 1 BR 1 BA work!

One more of the artist at work.

Thanks for being here. Looking forward to bringing you new content in a nice, clean distraction-free presentation.

Here’s to good light!

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