Every Picture Tells a Story, Don’t It? (Then Three Tell It Better!)

Perhaps. Sometimes photographs in series tell a better story than a single photo. But not always.

Here are two series of kids playing that I think work best as a photo story with more than one photograph, because it shows the moment unfolding–a pair of girls playing jump rope with a branch instead of a rope, and their joy in the game.

Same with this series, when space allows for multiple pictures, the group of photos tells a stronger story, the viewer feels the motion and the progression.

As photographers, we are storytellers. We want viewers to see our work and understand what we’re showing them. By editing tightly and showing our best work–whether in a single or multiple picture photo story–we keep them engaged and coming back for our next story.

Here’s, by contrast, a single photo that works better as a standalone. It tells you all you need in one photograph.

It does two things well. It lets the viewer feel the cool water, and imagine how good (or cold) that would feel. And also, it shows the fearlessness of youth, the willingness to try anything, something we perhaps lose some of as we get older. All that in a single standalone photograph.

Be a strong storyteller, it’s the reason we make documentary photographs.

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