Portfolio Reviews & One-on-One Mentoring, Maybe For You

When I’m not making photographs, I’m reading about photography, writing about photography (like on this blog), hosting photography programs for other photographers to meet and show work, visiting galleries and museums to view photography exhibits, and generally immersing myself in all things photographic. It’s what I do, what I’ve always been about since I started in this profession as a photojournalist in 1986. I’m not one to want to get away from it when I’m not on a paid assignment as I’ve heard many pros say–“You can’t get me to touch my camera if I’m not making a paycheck.”

Well, that ain’t me. I’m a photographer first. It’s not all I do. I also write fiction–I’ve got multiple feature-length character-driven screenplays I’m looking for a producer for, and I’ve made short films that have screened around the country in film festivals.

Primarily, I’m fascinated by the storytelling aspects of photography, the ability to document my world, how I can teach and inspire other photographers though my various shows (YouTube and podcast), and to impress upon others how much we get from making these historical documents that can stop time so we can revisit those moments later, whether it’s family photographs or street documentary work.

We don’t stay young forever, but fortunately in a snapshot we do. But we have to make that snapshot and keep it somewhere for it to withstand moves to new residences, being placed in storage facilities, keeping it dry, and there has to be a good way to recover them someday down the road.

My partner MaryLee, forever young and beautiful as she will always be in this photograph!

Anyway, photography is what I do. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I’m a huge proponent of printing our photographs, the ones we want to keep, to make last. Time makes all photographs better, but we have to preserve them in a way that keeps them from being lost or destroyed. Printed and framed on the wall is a great way.

Photographers have commented on my passion and have asked if I teach. I do at times I have courses available in Denver at the Colorado Photographic Art Center. I also offer an online mentoring program as well as portfolio reviews to other photographers. I have years of experience in the industry, and I’ve judged multiple photography contests over the years. If you think we’d be a good fit and you’d like me to work with you, one-on-one to really take a good look at your photography, contact me at my studio: 720.982.9237. We can work out the details once we’re on a call.

Here’s a testimonial from a photographer. And of course, all my programs are 100% satisfaction guaranteed:

Let’s talk! Here’s to good light!

Want to support my shows? You can, just visit this link at Paypal, or go to SupportKenneth.com to add your monthly contribution to keep the lights on!

Check out my YouTube Channel of Photography Talks: my 6×6 Portraits Blog (you’re here) and my Daily Photography Podcast. Thanks!

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