Gluttonous at the All-You-Can-Shoot Photography Buffet Called Life

Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.

The ability to shoot a thousand images isn’t a blessing. (What will we do with them?)

The fact we have our phone cameras documenting everything in real-time takes us out of the moment.

The thousands of images that we are making, clouding, and burying deep inside of hard drives isn’t leading to more photographic memories.

The question we have to ask ourselves is, “Why are we making all these photographs? What’s the plan? Where will they be seen?”

It’s like the glutton who cannot stop eating–it’s all available and so they want it all.

We shoot everything, we fire away stills and video.

As soon as we see anything, up go the phones.

But with no plan.

No place for them.

We just make them because we can.

It’s instinctual.

Capture it.

Then get more.

More is more.

No, it’s not.

We have more images being made now than ever in the history of photography.

We have fewer photographs being made that will last any real length of time.

Why are we doing it?

Who’s going to watch that concert footage, that fireworks display?

Who’s going to revisit that whole day–those 1200 images from your grandson’s birthday party?

What are we missing while we’re busy getting it all?

Getting as much as we can, that’s the human way.

More is more.

Even if it’s not.

When will photography once again become a source of memories?

Not something we just do all the time, constantly, without a point with what we will do with them.

Without being overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of images.

MAYBE… Maybe just maybe, that’s why some photographers cling to film. They say it slows them down. Perhaps not actually slowing them from making photographs, but it stops them from getting thousands of images.

From shooting too much.

Maybe film photographers with a plan to print their photos have found a way to stop themselves from the All-You-Can-Shoot Photography Buffet that is digital and phone photography.

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4 thoughts on “Gluttonous at the All-You-Can-Shoot Photography Buffet Called Life

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  1. Another photographer called it the fast food mentality. High on fat content with very little cuisine. I say that most people are saying “supersize my order”. One photo thoughtfully prepared and presented can be a watershed moment that will be savored and remembered for a lifetime. There is the saying about doing something 10,000 times in order to get better at it but in this day and time it has lost it’s meaning. Many times I only have one negative or transparency of a moment and it only enhances my enjoyment because of the rarity.


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