Around The Web: Photo Sites & Podcasts I Like

I have a handful of places I visit on a regular basis. I thought I’d share them with you, if you’re looking for some good places for photography.

BOOKS – M Train by Patti Smith


The Online Photographer – Mike Johnston has been running this site almost as long as there has been the internet. He moderates comments so there are no negative offensive responses.

Howard Greenberg Gallery Exhibitions – Great site full of photographs by photographers well displayed. – Good camera write-ups and reviews.

Casual Photofile – More cameras, more cameras.

Emulsive – Good film blog with in-depth writing.

Photrio – This used to be APUG, great classifieds and forums.

In Your Bag – Japan Camera Hunter’s page dedicated to what photographers are carrying.

PetaPixel – A bit of a click-baity site, but occasionally good articles. Lots of bickering in the comments.

Fstoppers – Very click-baity, but another photo “news” site.

FlakPhoto – Andy Adams is making a place for photographers on Twitter, and doing a good job at it.


The Candid Frame – Ibarionex Perello is a great interviewer and gets chatting with many of the great.

On Taking Pictures – Ended in 2018 but still a fun listen as two photographers banter about creativity.

A Small Voice – Conversations with Photographers – Ben Smith and more smart interviews.

Frames Photography Podcast – In conjunction with Frames Magazine, a good podcast about photography.

B&H Photography Podcast – Always a fun listen with Allan Weitz.

Film Photography Podcast – Mat Marrash and crew, you will hear a sound effect or 100!

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