Don’t Be Good (There are Lots of Good), Be Remarkable, Be Unforgettable

I heard an interesting interview with the celebrity photographer, Albert Watson, and he made a couple of points that resonated with me.

You can listen to the whole interview on The Candid Frame’s podcast.

  1. When he had other photographers show him work, some his own assistants, the photos would often be proficient but forgettable. He said if you’re going to photograph a car, make it unforgettable. Make it remarkable so it sticks in the mind of the viewer. Because there are plenty of good photographers. Too many. Few who are remarkable. Find ways to make unforgettable images.
  2. Having gear that you know is a given. Just like being able to drive a car while talking on the phone, there are things we do that don’t need our constant attention we’re so attuned to doing them. Well, gear needs to be known so well that it disappears like that car. It’s so familiar. And one of the ways young photographers never get there is constantly getting new gear–each piece is a new learning curve. Best to choose a handful of equipment and use it to proficiency.

Those two make so much sense. Forget about chasing gear, chase original images. Make photographs that look uniquely like yours. Good stuff.

Worth a listen!

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