We’re Only Living Today, So Today Is The Time To Make It

I was thinking about art and artists and I’ve come to the conclusion that we are only our output. Whether we “make it” in some definition of success is out of our control, we have no ability to take our work anywhere, we only have the ability to make the work.

And make more work.

The true artist makes work constantly. Each piece of work is a new shot at the “making it” they desire, however they define it. Any artist who works diligently and puts out constant work is a success as I see it. Because that’s all there is, the work, and an artist who’s producing, who’s prolific, that’s their goal right there.

When you want to scare off your enemy, you go all out. No holding back! Same with succeeding as an artist!

I hear artists saying they’re “thinking” about making work. “Thinking” isn’t doing it. “Thinking” is time not making.

There’s no way to try to make something. You cannot try and pick up your drinking glass, you can only pick it up.

Same with art. There’s just the making. Get to it. Get started. Go. Top speed. Create!

Anything else is “dreaming” and “wishing” and not getting us closer to our goal. The only chance we have is to put in the time doing the work. And lots of it.

The true artist doesn’t have to be talked into doing it. You have to make an effort to stop her. She is committed and going to do it no matter what obstacles arise. Because the true artist can’t not create. It’s impossible.

It’s where we live. Creativity drives us. It’s an insatiable desire and every new project ends with a longing for the next one. That’s just the way we are.

And no matter the situation, the better time to move forward isn’t in three months, or six months or a year from now. The only time that makes sense is now. Now is here. Now is our time.

This, today, is our time.

Life is what happens with what we do on a daily basis. The only living we can do is today.

Now. What are we doing with now? That’s the question we have to ask ourselves constantly.

We don’t have to do some insurmountable task. We just have to do something that moves us forward. Something we want to create. That we have to make.

There’s no better time.

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