Defeat The Digital Dark Age With One Box

For the millions of people who will lose their business and family photos this year to failed hard drives, lost cell phones, unpaid cloud accounts and other types of digital demise, I feel for you.

For the clients of mine, business and families, who’ve made prints of my work for their offices and homes, thank you for taking my advice on why printing your photographs matter.

Because printing your photographs matter.

Whether decorating the corridors of your office for your clients to see or your home with portraits of loved ones, the only photographs that will exist 50 years from now are those that are hard-copy, that are printed on paper, not digital files on some forgotten hard drive.

When a loved one passes, no one will go through their computer folders searching for meaningful photographs. They will just be gone. The only ones that will be saved are those that are printed and up on the walls or in albums.

When it comes to saving photographs, there is one thing proven effective and guaranteed to work better than any triple-redundant offline hard drive system stored in multiple locations. It’s called a shoebox.

Save your company’s and family’s history. Print your photographs.

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