A Bit About Duane Michals

Do you have a favorite photograph?

This Is My Proof is one of mine. I like Duane Michals and how he puts text on his photographs to tell stories.

This photograph is another one of his narratives using words on a photograph. (NSFW)

What do you think of writing on photographs? I, myself, like it the way Michals does it.

Or sequences?

He played with conventions.

He blatantly parodied Cindy Sherman.

And he photographed The Police’s Synchronicity album cover.

Here is his interview on The Candid Frame podcast and he gets quite opinionated at times.I believe in that interview is where he says Winogrand and Friedlander walked into his first show in NYC and Winogrand said, “C’mon, let’s go, this ain’t photography.”

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