I Love Polaroid Black & White Film (@ $15/8-Pack!)

There’s an alley in my town where the setting sun hits the west-facing wall and the light bounces off it and it lights up the whole alley. I’ve been aware of it for years. I see light. Makes a great place to learn a little about light, and make photographs.

I was walking last weekend with some friends, out on a photo walk, and getting lunch and beers, and came upon this alley. I had to take them down into it. For one thing, I have a collection of black and white Polaroid portraits that I’ve made over the years that I’ve at times had hanging on a clothesline in my home. Portrait of family and friends. But I didn’t have any of these two friends in this collection, so the alley beckoned.

Time for portraits. I pulled out the Polaroid SX-70 SE Land Camera Sonar OneStep, which is the auto-focus model, and a treat to use.

I will have an actual gallery exhibit of these photographs someday. For now, they hang on a line in my home, growing in number as I add more friends to the collection.

It has a look unlike any other black and white film. There’s a creaminess to both the blacks and whites.

Below is my partner, posed in my studio.

It reminds me of photographing with a Rolleiflex, if you could create square photographs instantly in the Rollei TLR. It’s also the closest I think you can come if you want to experience a photographic print developing in a darkroom–the Polaroid does just that in about 20 minutes in your pocket, emerging as it develops, and equally exciting.

It’s imperfect.

It’s soft.

It has a look that’s completely fitting as a Polaroid, and all its own.

We all pick up different cameras depending on what we feel like photographing, and what camera we feel like working with. The Polaroid isn’t always the first choice, but whenever I do pull it out, it does make me glad it did.

You can get SX-70 film for as little as $15/pack of 8 photos (under $2/photograph) if you order 5 on the Polaroid site. It comes with a 10% off code if you sign up with your email. And over $75 is free shipping and the total for this comes out to just $76.50, so choose free shipping and get a deal on a 5-pack.

This price is with the 10% first-time purchase discount code which I’ve removed as it’s not sharable. Get your own!

That’s what I do. Here’s the link. (I don’t make anything off this, just sharing to help you save money.)

I restock every year about this time. Every time I load a pack into a camera, it reminds me of how amazing this film is.

You can find SX-70 cameras at yard sales and antique markets. That’s what I did. The magic is in the film.

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