The Photo Game Commences Saturday November 13 @ 8:00 a.m. MST (UTC-7)

A few days ago I wrote a post about the launch of The Photo Game. Since then, I’ve had some good interest from photographers around the world who’ve contacted me, wishing to participate, and I’ve added them to the master email list.

The biggest challenge as I see it is it being a weekly deadline, and it requiring being a photograph made with film (and a photo of the negative submitted with the photograph to prove it), some photographers won’t have their film developed and sent in to me in time. Which is unfortunate, as they’ll be out of the game.

There was some talk of groveling to get back in, but we really don’t want to see that, do we? Of course not. This is about setting hard goals. Strong deadlines. If some can make them, all can make them. It’s pressure, sure, but some of the best work I’ve ever done was under pressure, with a strict deadline.

I used to work as a photojournalist for a New Jersey daily newspaper. We had constant deadlines. There was no excuse. No matter what happened, the motto was, “All you need is one.” Meaning one photograph. There was no coming back empty-handed. Failure was not an option.

Made on Bergger Panchro 400 4×5 film for the 4x4x5 Project.

For this game as well. There is no forgiveness, no leeway. Find out when Saturday at 8 a.m. Mountain Standard Time (UTC-7) is in your location, that’s your deadline. I only have to remember Saturday at 8 a.m. I look forward to seeing the work each of us makes.

I’m on the same deadline, too. There’s no cheating in The Photo Game.

You can still join, too. But joining also closes at the start of the game, so if you want to participate, if you have what it takes to make the weekly deadline of delivering a film photograph for the assignment/prompt, send an email with your intention to get on the list by Saturday November 13, 2021 at 8.a.m. Mountain Standard Time (UTC-7) to

Once signed up, watch your inbox for an email from me with that week’s prompt which will be sent every Saturday at 8 a.m. Mountain Standard Time (UTC-7), which is also the time your photographs and the proof picture of your negative are due for the previous week’s prompt.

Then get out and make photographs and make the deadline! Of course we want you in the game. We want to see what you’ve created for that week’s assignment. No one can make what you make, no one sees the world the way you do. This is a good excuse to create with a purpose. A project that needs your work.

Will some prompts be difficult? Probably for some. Nothing magical happens while we’re sitting in our easy chair. We will go out and make the photographs that fulfill the assignment.

And deadlines are real–they make things happen.

Those are the rules. In The Photo Game.

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