Life in Little Moments Photographed

I document the world I experience, the people I meet and the places I go.

Like these two photographs.

Both are full of life. Slices of places I’ve gone and experienced. I can smell the coffee in the top photo, and the diner hash browns in the bottom photo. The room is crowded, this is where I find myself often. And I have to photograph it. I document my world.

Some people would ask why bother photograph people you don’t know. I see it as a way to get to know them. Making photographs often allows me to introduce myself to the people who are the subject of my photographs, and sometimes make simple acquaintances and other times lifelong friends.

I also get to keep pictures of the worlds I’ve entered, the stories I can tell from them. They’re all part of my life, my experiences traveling through these roads, down these avenues.

Life is richer with photography. With a camera in hand. With my Leica.

It’s a wonderful medium how much it gives me. How much it gives back.

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