The Car Assignment in The Photo Game

There are seven photographers in the The Photo Game that began in mid-November. Here is my submissions for the latest prompt: The Automobile, The Horseless Carriage, The Car.

Projects and assignments make me inspired and I become very prolific. These four photographs were completed a couple of days after the assignment dropped on Saturday 11/20/21. I was inspired by the well-known commercial and art photographer Duane Michals to create stories for my photos, so on three of them, I have added stories to them. See Mr. Michals’ Masterclass video to learn more about him.

I stopped to photograph an old BMW outside of a local foreign-car repair shop and was invited in to photograph in the back yard, and other storage areas. This minimalist still-life is just as I found it.
Inside a garage, I saw a triangular vent that I used to like on cars but don’t see much anymore.
I stopped to photograph an old BMW outside of a local foreign-car repair shop and was invited in to photograph in the back yard, and other storage areas. Added a story.
I went to an auto shop garage going-out-of-business sale. Found this axel and Jenga pile of parts and asked to photograph it. The story is inspired by a friend, Mark, who was 90 when I met him in a southern Colorado town. He had been a widower for a long time—years earlier he had fallen asleep at the wheel, flipped and totaled the car and his wife had died in the accident.

What do you do to get motivated to make photographs? For me, there’s no way to satisfy my insatiable need to create. Having completed these today, all I want to do is go out and make the next one. I suppose that’s what passion is, or perhaps lunacy. Never settling for what you have, and wanting more and needing to make the next one, to constantly create.

When I’m not photographing, I’m writing posts like this one. This is also a very creative outlet for me and gives me a place to show my work, to discuss what’s on my mind photographically at the moment. I often sit down to write–it’s quite regular in fact–with no idea what I’m going to write about. But because I’m prolific and have new work constantly being made, that work often inspires something else to say, something to write about.

It’s easier to sit up watching TV. It’s super easy to get involved with sports. It’s way simpler to let Netflix fill our nights, right up ’til bedtime. But none of those are satisfying for me like loading the film holder for my 5×7 camera or planning another photo shoot, developing film or printing or scanning a negative and finishing a photograph. None of those satisfy my craving to create.

You might call it a passion. You might call it a curse.

We each get to decide which it is for us.

And then act accordingly.

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