Goals: 2022

Here comes a new year. What are we doing with it? What are our goals?

I am quite prolific as an artist, working on a series of personal photography projects–The Wise Photo Project, Roy Stryker Photography Project–as well as teaching and leading other people and hopefully being an inspiration to some. But it’s not enough. I want to move to new heights in 2022. I want to do more.

For me, I want to get involved with photography festivals in 2022.

I want to get a publisher interested in my street photography work for a book.

I want to get more photographers in more locations around the world making portraits of their elderly relatives, as part of The Wise Photo Project. Seth Godin recently ran an “ad” promoting it–listen to it in the first minute of his Akimbo Podcast.

I want to find a location that’s conducive to make 5×7 large-format film portraits of people I meet, to have it as easy as going out to the town square to go busking (playing music in public for tips) which I’ve done for years as part of an accordion/ukulele duo.

The Photo Game has made it so that I’m shooting a roll of black and white film a week and making more portraits and film photos than I was making before the game began. I want to maintain that output.

A photograph from The Photo Game; Prompt: Down Low – If not for the game, I never would have made this photograph. And many others!

I want to print many photographs in my darkroom. I’ve printed some this week. I want to make that a regular occurrence, and I recently got a new way to mix chemicals–new containers to mix them into–so it’s easier than it had been. No excuses. Print and frame photographs for people.

Lastly, I want to do that thing that I don’t know what it is yet–that opportunity that will significantly change my photographic world in 2022. That chance that will help me take my work further, make photographs that I never thought I’d make. I always want to be open to the unexpected, that which I can’t prepare for, that presents itself as an opportunity to do something I never thought of. That challenges me in new creative ways.

Here’s to a creative 2022.

Here’s to good light!

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  1. I love the idea of the Wise project. I also tried to listen to Seth Godin’s podcast about the project but it only takes a person to the list of his podcasts. The first one on “Gravity” doesn’t talk about the project. Could you kindly share the title of the particular podcast you refer to please? Thank you kindly.


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