Getting More Time for Photography (by Getting Away from my Phone)

If we knew what amount of time we spent each day hitting refresh and checking Facebook and Twitter and the myriad other social media apps that pop up with red-numbered alerts, plus email, plus “your favorite time-waster here,” we’d realize that’s enough time to do quite a bit. I want to get away from my phone as much as possible. The less time I spend looking at it, the bigger the win for me. And so I am.

Here’s what I did. I created a simple lock screen image and home screen image for my phone out of my ASMP media credentials. Now, whenever I hit the wake-up button on my phone, before I unlock it, I see the first image (below) on my Lock screen, which I can show to security personnel and authorities for my editorial work.

The second image (below) is the Unlock screen. I get access to the telephone and texting, but no apps. If I stay here, I never see my apps, so I have no inclination to click on them.

You can see by the white dots over the phone app which screen it’s on.

The third image (below) is the phone’s Second screen which I have to swipe to get to. It’s my former first page, my home page full of apps. I moved them all back one page, and now I don’t see them unless I choose to go to them. Sure beats them staring at me every time I unlock my phone.

My goal is to get away from my phone more, and now this is a perfect way to grab my phone, see who called or texted, make calls and texts, but not see the other apps which are always vying for my attention. Not if I don’t see them.

Anyone can do this with two vertical images to place on their phone as their Lock Screen and Home Screen background. Them simply move all apps to the second page.

I love it. I have a new device that’s not in my hand all the time. Plus, I have a handy media credential that’s always with me.

And I have more time in my day to make photographs, go out into the street and document my world. Or write, create, or even just think or read a book. It’s a great feeling to open my phone and not see any icons other than the phone and text.

Incoming calls and texts show up here, too.


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