Play Your Own Photo Game

I run The Photo Game with a weekly prompt, but you can do the same thing and you don’t need me to do it. Come up with a word prompt and by the end of the week, make a photograph that fulfills the assignment, that is inspired by the prompt.

Some of our past prompts have been: Shadows, Self-Portrait, Pairs, Reflections, Down Low, and Trees. They can really be anything. The idea is you set a goal at the beginning of the week and now when you’re sitting at home not sure what to photograph, you can turn to your assignment for the week and go out and complete it.

A photograph for the prompt: “I’ve Just Seen a Face,” as part of The Photo Game.

Yes, you have to shoot it on film. That makes it on a medium that is guaranteed to last, that matters.

For the rest of the roll, you can make those end-of-roll family photographs that I wrote about yesterday. You can do the work and by doing it, you’ll make photographs you wouldn’t have otherwise made.

But it takes discipline.

It takes commitment.

You can’t say there’s a deadline if it doesn’t matter if you do it or not. That’s not a real deadline if you don’t reach your goal of completing the assignment and there’s nothing at stake.

Think of it as disappointing your muse if you miss the deadline. That’s a huge disappointment. Trust in her, believe in the inspiration that will come if you go to work, and she’ll deliver you great ideas for your photographs.

Some will take on this challenge. Most won’t.

Many others will quit.

But it’s the some that take it on and accomplish it, those are the ones I’m writing this today for. You’re the ones who will benefit from having made weekly photos, and finishing up the roll and making some family portraits or other photographs you like to make.

What will you make if you give yourself the goal, and the chance to create?

What will you make that otherwise wouldn’t be made? You are a photographer after all. And photographers need assignments.

I know what I get from this. I get to change the world by inspiring photographers and willing into being those photographs that wouldn’t exist except for their commitment, their need to complete the assignment.

Write me and send me some photographs if you choose to play the game. Now set your prompt, then go get your film loaded and your photographs made for your deadline. Go out and play.

Make great art. One photo is due, one week at a time.

No telling what will come into existence. What you’ll create.

If you will it.

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  1. I’m going to give this a try. Well, more than a try. I don’t develop my own film so have to mail it away, when they finally receive it they develop it, and soon thereafter mail it back to me. So I may do a couple weeks of prompts before using up the film and mailing it away. I always love the wait and anticipation to see the results.


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