Making It Means Photographing One Day at at Time

Well, I suppose I can call The Photo Game a success. We have 11 photographers in the group from around the world, including the U.S, England and Poland. Photographers are completing the weekly prompt and making work. We’re eighteen weeks in and going strong. The participants send me notes saying thanks for doing this, putting the game on, building the photos into a gallery.

I’m so glad to. I’m all about photographers in community. Learning from and inspiring each other. Humans need connection. It’s important to have others in our circles, ideally outside of our devices, across the table from us if possible (which is why I started the Tuesday Night Photographers Gather spot), to ask each other what we’re working on, to tell what we are, and it validates our work when we do this. It creates accountability. If I tell you I’m working on this, when I see you next, you’ll ask to see it–I better get on it.

A photo from The Photo Game for the prompt, ‘Shadows’.

Whatever we do on a daily basis makes us who we are. I am a photographer–I work in it, I play in it, I talk about it, I write about it, I make videos about it, I read about it, I think about it, I’m fully immersed.

And I share everything I know. I am certain that we’re each uniquely ourselves, one of a kinds, so no one can do what I do–take my camera, step in and replace me. It’s impossible. They don’t bring my experiences with them. If I share a tip or technique, they’ll use it to make work that looks like them, not like I make.

That would probably be my biggest goal, what I would most want to do as a photographer. To make work that’s good and recognized certainly, but also to use my photography to help other photographers of all levels know that they can do work that no one else can and that we need their vision. They’re one of a kind creatives, and we need them. We don’t need their imitation of anyone else. We need them.

If that’s you, that’s who I want to encourage. Make your vision. Create the work that excites you, it’ll show you who you are and you’ll have an easy time at keeping at it, working consistently–daily–making a large body of work.

Come visit me at my gallery shows. Tell me what you’re working on. Be on a similar path of making and exhibiting work. You can get showings and have your work published. You can do anything you set out to do with your photography. It takes constant pursuit. It takes consistent work. It takes vision, not imitation. It takes showing up because you love the work. Then doing it again. And again.

Just believe in yourself like I believe in you. Call yourself a photographer when people ask what you do. Own it as your truth. Then watch and see what you make of it.

Daily pursuit grows quite quickly into a comprehensive body of work. See where that work takes you.

I look forward to seeing you at your gallery show. To see your published work.

What are you going to do? How far will you go?

There’s no limit.

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