Photographer Mentorship with Weekly Photo Assignments

Want to learn photography? You do it by making photographs. There is no other way, no shortcut, no special trick, no secret, no magic camera. Not even a Leica. You do the work.

Want to make the work and have me evaluate it? So you can grow your vision in a significant way? Fine. Here’s how it will work. Starting in April, I will give you a prompt on one day of the week, say Tuesday, and the following Monday you’ll have a photograph due that fulfills the assignment. The next Tuesday we’ll talk about it. Actually talking, you and me, one-on-one for an hour. No text, no email. We’ll chat on the phone, zoom, or if you’re local at the local coffee shop or pub. Plus, you’ll get a new assignment and go again. You can’t say you don’t know what to shoot, you’ll be on assignment.

It’s $100/week, which may be the single best investment in your photography career you can make, more so than another camera body, another lens. It’s a tremendous value–I have over 30 years of professional photographer experience. Photographers spend thousands of dollars each year on a single photo workshop. Imagine what you would learn and what you could do if you worked with me for 20 or 30 weeks consistently.

I know what makes a good photo and what doesn’t. I’ll be completely honest with you. Not critical or mean, but direct. What’s working and what’s not. How you can improve until you know how to do it yourself.

Why does this photograph work, and why is it strong enough to be a book cover of my soon-to-be-published monograph? What is it doing and how is it doing it?

Using technology like Zoom, we can do this no matter where you are in the world. Would I prefer you were local? Sure. But a phone call or zoom can work if I have your work in front of me before we meet to chat.

I use your work and make my edits to discuss them with you. How I would crop them. What I would do. My way of toning them. I make a gallery up to show you at the weekly meeting. Even how framing them would add more to the photographs. And how you could group and display them.

What’s your excuse? If not now, when? Photography is a complex art that many go around making photos but with no way of knowing what they’re really doing, not really learning and it shows in their work.

We all spend money on things we don’t get much from. My mentorship program will grow your photographic knowledge in a significant way. There’s no way it can’t since you’re producing work that’s due and critiqued on a weekly basis.

They say practice makes perfect. That is not correct. You can spend a lot of days repeating the same mistakes, practicing the wrong way. Perfect practice makes perfect. That is what I’ll give you. A way to make perfect practice.

Like a good gym, there’s no minimum commitment. Start and see, find out if it’s for you. If it is, we’ll continue for as long as you like.

I love to inspire photographers. I love to look at and discuss photographs. If you would like a one-on-one mentor, I can be that for you.

I’d be glad to. It’s what I most love to do.

Make people into photographers. To teach them to see.

To learn everything there is to know about light and composition. Why this and not that? How to really see.

Contact me if you’re interested. Space is limited by my assignment schedule–I can only take on up to 8 photographers a month. If it’s full, I’ll get you on a waiting list. or 720-982-9237

Here’s to good light!

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