You Gotta Show Up and Do The Work (And Run to the Car for a Jacket When the Sun Goes Down)

Where you end up is anyone’s guess, but if you don’t go, you won’t get anything for sure.

Here’s the story. I was getting happy hour drinks with friends on an outdoor patio in Boulder when the sun went down. Glad it did, as the temperature dropped, which made me run to my car for a jacket and on the way, found this series of kids climbing with Mom spotting them, or at least spotting one of them.

Age-old fact: Kids will climb. Anything and everything. A lot.

I like the series and how the Mom was holding on and was gradually letting go. And the boy and girl get progressively more daring, too.

What elements had to align to get me exactly there at the time they were doing that? If I had left a minute sooner or later, I would have missed it (and perhaps instead gotten something else, who knows?).

The thing is, when we don’t go, we don’t miss what we might have made because we don’t know what we don’t know we missed. It takes showing up. Moments will present themselves. We have to be ready, camera in hand, exposure and focus set, and watching for the photograph to make. But it’s out there.

If only we show up. Get to work to make the work.

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