Taking a Leica M3 Everywhere for 30 Days

I switch out a lot between many cameras in different formats. I enjoy working with large format view cameras as well as the miniature format (as it was originally called)–35mm. And my favorite camera is my Rolleiflex. But for the next 30 days I’m carrying a Leica M3 with a 50mm rigid Summicron with me everywhere I go.

Why? Because for a month I want to take off from making the decision of which camera to take on a given day. I may still work on my large format portrait project, but that doesn’t mean I won’t have the M3 in my coat pocket or over my shoulder as well. I may take other cameras, too, but the M3 is going to be the mainstay.

I consider the Leica M3 with a roll of Ilford HP5 the ultimate photography machine. Easily among the best of 35mm cameras ever made.

This photograph was made with the M3.

Mine isn’t mint. There’s a bunch of peeling vulcanite. (Shouldn’t Spock be able to get vulcanite at a discount?)

The lens is worn-looking though the glass is clean.

The camera doesn’t matter. What I make with it does. Around my neck or in my hand all day, that’s all that’s important. What is the product of our photography pursuits? What are we making?

I enjoy coming up with parameters within which to work. The one for this month is the Leica M3 with 50mm lens.

No telling what we’ll see.

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