No Control Over What Comes So Come What May

I was thinking about doing the work, what that means and looking back at the photographs I’ve done in the past and it’s clear that I don’t have any control over what I create. I work with creating photographs based on who I encounter and the situations that present themselves. I don’t have the ability to choose.

I didn’t choose any of the photographs in my gallery, I just showed up and made the photos as I was going about my day, living my life. Same with the portraits I’ve made over the past few years.

And that’s exactly how the next ones will be made. One at a time. When they arrive.

Not a photograph I set out to make but coffee I set out to get.

There’s a trust that needs to be made, that the photographs will come. That if I’m ready, the moments will present themselves. They always have and they always will.

The muse exists but she has to find you working. That’s what I believe. Why I go out every day with a camera in hand. No telling where she’ll direct me.

Or while working, what I’ll find.

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