200 Photos To Give Away

LaVern Johnson passed away. She was in her early 90s and was the town matriarch of Lyons Colorado.

The town held a memorial service in a park that was named for her a few years ago.

Since her passing, I had been posting photographs online of her that I made over the years because I would often find her at town events and I’d always photograph her–she was always the star among us. The neighbors were glad to see so many photos of her through the years. That’s what photographs are especially good for.

There was one of her I posted where she was wearing a sheriff’s badge and had a sheriff’s tattoo on her arm during a National Night Out event to meet the local police and firefighters. Several people said that was their favorite.

Good to know. Off to the photo printer. I ordered two hundred 4×6 prints of that photograph from the local camera store lab with instructions to only print them if they would be ready by the day before the memorial. They said they would be and they were.

Should’ve cost me $50 but somehow I received a discount and paid $40 for the pack of 200 photographs. LaVern was well worth it.

Gave them all away during the memorial. Now LaVern’s face, a photograph I made, is in the home of 200 people who took a photograph at the memorial.

I can’t think of a better use for photography.

What can we do with our photographs? There is power in making them. In gifting them. In sharing our work.

Even if it’s just for a smiling memory of a beautiful soul.

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